Inspired by the sea...

Sarah Caudle is a Hawaii-based abstract and seascape artist who creates a visual escape to paradise for others to find a sense of peace, happiness, and aloha. Inspired by nature and the sea, she depicts the beauty of Hawaii through dynamic colors, fluid movements, and organic compositions.

Using acrylics and resin on wood panel, each original painting is completely unique and full of depth. As light reflects off the glassy surface of the resin, the complexities of the multi-layers are revealed, conveying a sense of wonder.

She builds up each piece one layer at a time, carefully controlling the flow of the resin, while allowing it to settle on its own. This style is a way for her to explore her thoughts without constraint and find peace and beauty in the unknown. For her, art is more than something pretty to look at; it is about expressing emotions, creating an experience, and connecting with others. 

“I hope to inspire others to live in the present and enjoy the beauty of every day life.”

When she is not painting, you will find her swimming or surfing in the crisp clear ocean, practicing yoga under the warm sun on a sandy beach, or hiking through the jungle in search of hidden waterfalls. She is in constant awe of the unique beauty of Hawaii, which is expressed through her art.